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Online Marketing: Organic & Paid Search

Be The First One Your Prospects Find
When They Search The Web For Solutions!

We will drive increased traffic to your site
using industry proven best practices turning worthless web visits into Qualified Sales Leads.

  • • Search Engine Optimization “Organic” ...
    • - Keyword and keyphrase analysis to deeply understand your business
    • - Applying how search engines work and what people
         search for to alter content and coding on your site.

  • • Paid Search Marketing – Pay Per Click & More ...
    • - Optimizing bid rates & relevancy score ensuring successful ROI
    • 1. We research your target audience.
    • 2. Set your online/internet goals & performance indicators.
    • 3. Building a list of important keywords that represent your most
          relevant content (including the “long tail search term”).
    • 4. Validate your keywords by testing and refining them with keyword
          selector tools such as Google Keyword Selector, Google Trends,
          Keyword Discovery and Yahoo Keyword Selector.
    • 5. We optimize the website by improving your web design,
          architecture web page content, Custom Landing Pages.
    • 6. Initiate link-building and partnerships.
    • 7. Colonize the Web by publishing and circulating it on social media 
          sites (Facebook) and on Wikipedia®, blogs, and YouTube®.
    • 8. Free installation of tracking software, URLs & telephone numbers.
    • 9. Proactive professional analysis of your campaign performance.
    • 10. Partner to calculate conversion rates – to determine cost per
            new customer acquisition using sales funnels.
    • - Weekly webinars to report, strategize, and continually
         improve performance.

  • • Google Places Management ...
    • - We take care of set up and verification process.
    • - We update profiles, manage & optimize complex multiple listings.
    • - Well managed local places programs online REDUCE your need for Paid Ads.

  • • On line Yellow Pages campaign management
        Yp.com, Superpages, Citysearch…

  • • Email Marketing “Constant Contact”