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Media Metrix LLC

About Us... Hmmm ... It’s Really About YOU and what We Believe we can do to help, .. isn’t it?

We are Passionate about what we do, We Believe in Listening, Learning, Planning and WORKING our Tails off. We know there are no shortcuts or tricks on the road to success.

“My grandfather once told me that there were two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group; there was much less competition.*”


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The secret to our success is
personal relationships
  • We are small and selective we provide that customized personal attention to our clients that the large agencies can’t or don’t want to provide. Your digital media plan will be designed by one of our principle’s. We don’t delegate the hard work. All of your ongoing communications will be directly with our owners. We keep it fresh and fun and remind you again why you love your business.


We are creative but data driven
& result-oriented obsessed
  • The digital campaign we deliver is successful once it has been proven to help you grow your business. We listen intently to you and your customers. We design integrated digital marketing campaigns that encompass all aspects of online marketing; websites, organic SEO, paid search SEM and social media. We are about “Brains, Energy and Hard Work.

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Really Get to Know Us:
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  • In the end the only real way to get to know who we are and what we are like to work with is to talk to us and eventually meet – Call us right now and talk to our owners directly.

    203 386-0228 ext 221

    See what the chemistry is?
    Are you in?


Mark O'Halloran
Founding Partner
  • Mark is our engine powering our relationship with clients and is personally invested in their growth. Mark is all about results – YOUR Results and obsessed with applying data to design your campaigns and to quantify the results. Prior to starting Media Metrix in 2006 Mark served as President of a top 10 national search marketing agency and has 15 years of sales and marketing experience. This helps Mark translate the tech speak to a language business owners appreciate. Under his leadership Media Metrix has grown to manage $7,000,000+ in billings.

    When not working with our clients Mark is enjoying his passion for coaching his kids, traveling across the USA, hiking our national parks, skiing, running, and trying to catch as many baseball games as possible.

Richard Bistrong
Digital Marketing Manager
  • Our Google and resident gadget man Richard is Google Certified in Ad-Words and Ad-Words Reporting and Analysis, which brings tremendous value and technical expertise to all Media Metrix customers. As a member of Google Engage®, Richard is constantly continuing his education on Google services to insure that our customers are taking advantage of all the latest enhancements in Organic and Paid Search. Richard enjoys engaging with small business to understand their challenges, resources and what advantages they bring to market, with a focus on how that value can be delivered to the individual consumer or business.

    In his spare time Richard enjoys Marathon running (and never ending training), buying the latest in whatever Apple happens to be offering, and reading about current events and history.

Don Peronace
Senior Creative Webmaster
  • Don is a stylist bringing the perfect combination of computer graphic design skills and Google Certified Search expert. His background in graphics and his intricate knowledge of the technical side of websites and search algorithms makes him a powerful force in our clients achieving both the look and results they are seeking from their online campaigns. Prior to joining Media Metrix in 2006 Don worked as the creative director of a top 10 National search marketing agency

    When not behind his computer Don is either showing his kids the latest ipad aps or photographing his family with the latest and greatest new digital photography equipment on the market. Helping his wife apply ipads to the learning process in her 1st grade classroom is another of Don’s passions and one appreciated by all the kids and their parents.

*Indira Gandhi Prime Minister Of India